Having two posts about Trulia this week is almost as bad as the Zillow launch when every blog on the planet (including Matrix) posted about them until everyone became physically ill.

With that riveting insight out of the way, I was asked to participate on a “Power Panel” where a diverse group of industry experts, insiders and watchers will periodically come together to share their perspective on real estate issues facing consumers.

The premise of the panel is to predict the results (or make a wild guess) of a pending data release (in this case, NAR’s existing home sales) and give some quick thoughts about it. The comments about the stats were of most interest me.

This exercise reminds me of the Wall Street Journal’s “Darts versus Pros” where a group of experts picked the direction of a portfolio of stocks and were are up against a journalist, who simply threw darts at a stock index table hung on a wall. It usually went about 50/50 but it could get ugly.

I hope I don’t embarrass myself on Monday when the results are posted, but then again, you should see me play darts.

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