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[Sandy] SNL’s Comic Relief in Sign

November 4, 2012 | 8:00 pm |

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[Sandy] The SoPo New York Magazine Cover

November 4, 2012 | 6:47 pm | |

Since my company is located in neighborhood formerly known as “SoPo” (South of Power) I thought I’d post the amazing New York Magazine cover.

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Sandy Update, Social Media Helped Us Understand, But Patience Wearing Thin

November 4, 2012 | 12:33 pm |

[click to read post (h/t gizmodo, laughingsquid)]

People who don’t see the coolness of Foursquare are clearly missing out (see above). My twitter feed @jonathanmiller was my primary source of information all through the storm. Amazingly helpful.

Yesterday afternoon, the superintendent in our office building called to let us know the power was back on. “SoPo” was no more and Miller Samuel could function again.

However, there was still no power at home so my wife and I camped out in our town library on Saturday afternoon. Work crews had been seen on our street so it felt like we were close to getting power back. We left the library (incidentally I took then my future wife to the library on our first date – hey, I had a paper to write. Coming up on our 29th anniversary so…) and lights were on when we pulled into the driveway as it was getting dark. YES!!!! Thoughts of a long hot shower and a house warmer than 51 degrees immediately passed through my mind and so did the nagging guilt of people in the region that had it much worse than us. Still, joy prevailed.

This morning I was really surprised at the poll results by our hyperlocal news service of town residents about how they felt the utility company performed during the storm and aftermath. Perhaps because I now have power I am biased? Given the scope of the storm and power outage caused by flooding and falling tree damage, I would have thought town residents would given the utility (CL&P) high marks. Crews from as far away as Ontario, CN were working on our downed lines. Only 14% agreed with my assessment that they performed well (at time of this post). Be sure to click link “View Results”.

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Sandy’s SoPo Nabe Is No More, But T-Shirts Live On

November 3, 2012 | 4:03 pm | |

Late last night the utility crews came through our street and made quick work of the series of large trees blocking the road. They left in the evening and this morning the crews returned to clean up the wiring. No power at home yet. This morning the indoor temperature was 51 degrees and outside it was 50 degrees, so technically our home still provides shelter.

One important development – “SoPo” became “NoPo” – and our office power came back sometime last night and we’ll be catching up all weekend.

Of course, there is a t-shirt for every occasion and SoPo lives on… (h/t Dan Alpert)

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Sandy Language Summary: Snor’eastercane, SoPo and a Sturdy Mailbox

November 2, 2012 | 5:36 pm | |

Remember this mailbox? It’s been through a lot. The photo is of my street in my CT home town, one of many downed trees and wires on my street. It’s been a long work week, especially since I haven’t been able to work much without power at home or work and it’s not nearly been a week since Sandy wreaked havoc on the Northeast US. My family and friends are safe and I feel very fortunate.

I’ve expanded or refreshed my vocabulary since Super-Storm Sandy – here’s my slow wifi, town library recap:

%$$%%!!! Your one word profanity-laden scream (insert word of your preference) when one of your favorite healthy 6-story shade trees falls down next to your house during the storm and you realize the storm is no longer an adventure (incidentally a tree falls really fast, not like in the movies).

OMG – The word you utter when your fireman son tells you about all the near misses with falling trees while they were out on the truck responding to emergency calls while your other adult child is taking pictures of the storm and submitting them to the local paper’s web site.

Boom of Doom – What my friend Michael Gross called the collapsed crane on West 57th Street, which forced the evacuation of his apartment nearby.

Zone A – A FEMA designation that few were familiar with (as appraisers we are) that now smoothly rolls off everyone’s tongue in everyday conversation.

Waterfront – That highly sought after real estate amenity that has everyone wondering if living away from the water would be better. Nah.

Flood – See “Waterfront”

“Coned” – The way a long-time Weather Channel anchor was pronouncing the NYC’s electric utility “Con-ed”

SoPo – (h/t to my friend Dan Alpert) was an overheard description for “South of Power” – Manhattan below 39th Street is without power. Of course, my office is located on 38th and remains dark.

NoPo – My alternative to “SoPo” and it is not location specific – it refers to anywhere that has power.

Electricity – It’s that crazy magical force that makes pretty much everything we rely on actually work and we only notice it when we don’t have it.

Primary (Service) Wire – The name my fireman son gave a large thick black wire – if you touch it while electricity is coursing through it – you catch on fire – incidentally one of these wires is still laying on my front lawn.

Snor’eastercane – The nickname given to the storm coming to our area next week bringing cold weather, snow and rain. Has it’s own twitter handle.

Sandy – A hurricane we won’t forget. Replaces “Back in ’38” with “Back in ’12”

Frankenstorm – See “Sandy”

Super-Storm – aka Mega-Storm. See “Sandy”

Puzzles – Those arcane cardboard pieces of art cut into odd shapes that you try to reconnect when you have no power and have to actually speak to your significant other and your kids.

YES!!!! – The near-expletive yelled with joy when we discovered our boat dock came within 6 inches of lifting over the piling and floating away with our boat. Always have a “YES!!!” “chambered” and ready to use it when your power turns back on.


Treemaggedon – What it felt like to see huge trees down all over our street and yard.

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