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For Jhoanna Robledo’s story: “Splitting the Rent, Fair and Square: Appraiser Jonathan Miller calculates how to divvy up the bill based on a typical two-bedroom, $3,200-a-month apartment.” in this week’s real estate feature piece in New York Magazine The Art of Roommating, I attempt to give some logic on how to fairly allocate the rent to 2 people sharing a 2-bedroom, 2-bath Brooklyn apartment.

Gotta love the first comment made on the web site:

…or if you’re friends you could split it evenly. just saying.

Splitting the Rent, Fair and Square [New York Magazine]

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4 Responses to “NY Mag: Suggestions For Splitting The Rent”

  1. Is it legal for two people that aren’t family to share a home? I know here you can only have a one family in a home. Two unrelated persons would be considered two families which would be illegal here.

  2. Kevin A. Byrnes says:

    This makes sense. Appraisers sometimes say that we emulate market behavior, but in this case the market participants would probably have to grasp at a solution. An expert can hold the factual situation up to the light, turn it around to see it in three dimensions, and then provide a reasonable analysis.

  3. Jack Martin says:

    Haha yes evenly indeed.