The 1Q 2006 Manhattan Market Overview that my appraisal firm, [Miller Samuel](, prepares for [Prudential Douglas Elliman](, was released today. I always think its interesting (actually, its fun) to see how the various media outlets (Big and Small Media, Blogs) respond to the exact same set of data and how the real estate brokerage companies who write alternative reports, frame their comments.

This list is in no particular order and excluded all the redundant articles (ie news feeds). I will keep adding to it through the week after the initial post.

[Apartment Prices Up Again After a Slump in Manhattan [NYT]](
[Housing frenzy slows down[NYDN]](
[Wall Street bonuses lift Manhattan apartment prices [Reuters]](
[Reports: Luxury Housing Boom May Be Reaching Its Crest [NY Sun]](
[First Quarter Reports: Thousand Island [NYO The Real Estate]](
[Housing market still steady [NY Newsday]](,0,1077170.story?coll=ny-business-headlines)
[City Apts. Defy U.S. Bubble Trouble [New York Post]](
[Condo boom boosts Manhattan real estate market [Inman News]](
[Manhattan housing market shows weakness [CNN/Money]](
[Manhattan Apartment Sales Cool Off []](
[Manhattan Apartment Prices Climb at Slowest Pace in Three Years [Bloomberg]]( [IMMOBILIARE: SALE, SI SGONFIA OPPURE CROLLA [Wall Street Italia]](
[Manhattan housing market booms in first quarter [The Real Deal]](
[State o’ the Market Update: Through Thick and Thin, ‘Essentially Flat’ [Curbed]](
[Brokers say New York real estate market is cooling [Financial Times]](
[Wall Street Bonuses Fuel Manhattan Real Estate Surge [DJ]](no link)
[A game of telephone [Property Grunt]](
[Manhattan Market Up, Psychology Down in Q1 [Brownstoner]](
[Real Estate Rashomon [Walk-Through]](

Here are a handful of radio and tv clips as well.

[[Bloomberg TV]](


[[WPIX WB11]](


[[WCBS Radio]](

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6 Responses to “[Media Chain-links] 1Q 2006 Manhattan Market Overview”

  1. Dagan says:

    But where is the actual report?! Can’t find it on curbed, PDE, or Matrix. Thanks, Dagan McCann

  2. Jonathan J. Miller says:

    Because the quarter ended on Friday, the data was crunched over the weekend and analyzed. The “pretty” version will be available in a few days. I will be uploading the raw data to in the next few days, as well as updating other content. I’ll make announcements as each item is uploaded. Thanks for your patience!

  3. bubble-x says:

    Jonathan- great work! Our blog a post that revolved around you a bit tonight (and have been using your data for some time now).

  4. bubble-x says:

    Jonathan- great work! We did a post the revolved around it, and you, tonight. We also use your data on an ongoing basis.


  5. John Philip Mason says:

    I look forward to reading the report, as your data and insights “keep it real”. The preliminary stats cited by the press are very similar to what we are finding in the suburbs directly north of New York City. That is, the bottom of the market (price wise) continues to catch up with the upper market. If not for you, most of us wouldn’t even be aware of that 10+/- year old trend.

  6. pcampbell says:

    It is interesting but not surprising to see all the different “interpretations” of your recent market overview. As always we see and hear what we want to. Most sources of information and analysis are not as objective and reliable as your market data report but even so without my own research, verification and analysis I could not do more than say I was in agreement, disagreement or see it a different way via what? instinct, gut feeling? Not unless backed up by my own leg work. Keep up the good work Jonathan -as always I am a big fan!