As coined in a Bloomberg article about hedge funder Ken Griffin’s $238 million condo purchase in Manhattan, a “vertical travel” is something many New Yorkers do every day – I’ve just never heard it described that way (following bold is my emphasis).

Citadel has signed a lease to anchor a skyscraper at 425 Park Avenue, eight-tenths of a mile from Griffin’s new apartment, not including vertical travel.

When Ken Griffin travels from his new penthouse to his office, I imagine his commute, that includes “vertical travel,” looks like this (bold is my emphasis):

3 Responses to “Here’s What A Manhattan Commute With “Vertical Travel” Looks Like For Ken Griffin”

  1. Mark Buhler says:

    Ski resorts cite the amount of vertical to lure skiers. Looks like Mr Griffins commute is more vert than walking. I hope his (ski) lifts are high speed. Great illustration Jonathan

  2. Brad Bassi says:

    Where I come from it is called climbing up out of a draw or holler depending on Kansas Texas or Arkansas. Course I doubt he has any cattle down below. or maybe he does grazing in central park. By the way you must have done really well in art class back in the day.