A new kind of real estate search engine called [Trulia](http://trulia.com/) is [getting graphic about traditional listing searches [Curbed LA].](http://la.curbed.com/archives/2005/11/trulia_google_h.php)

The New York Times Circuits Section discusses a whole new breed of real estate search engines, including Trulia thanks to Google Maps in [A Journey to a Thousand Maps Begins With an Open Code [NYT]](http://select.nytimes.com/search/restricted/article?res=FB0F12FD395B0C738EDDA90994DD404482)

“A new class of entrepreneur is jumping in as well. Pete Flint, a 2004 graduate of Stanford University’s business school, and a classmate, Sami Inkinen, started a mash-up called Trulia.com, which pinpoints real estate listings on a Google map. Click on a pushpin in a favorite neighborhood and up pops the listings, along with comparables from recent home sales and other nearby properties.

Trulia has posted data only for five California cities, and that data is a bit thin because it uses publicly available sources like newspapers and Web sites, not the Multiple Listing Service, the copyrighted databases belonging to local broker associations. Trulia plans on adding additional layers of information, like census data.”

Trulia is only in California but its catching on.

[Click here for more on their mash-up concept.](http://trulia.com/about)

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One Response to “Going Vertical With Google: A Mash-up Of Listings And Maps”

  1. Derek says:

    geoTract.com is another service that you can use to save points to Google Maps. They are even looking into advertising options for listings such as apartments for rent, as well as options for companies interested in listing themselves.