I had a nice conversation with Deirde Bolton at Bloomberg TV about the Hamptons Housing market and the former Madoff residence in Montauk (had to get up 4:30am to make it in for the 6:45am).

US Marshalls are readying it for market. I heard today that Corcoran was selected as the selling agent for the property.

I also got to catch up with Tom Keene of Bloomberg Surveillance in the Green Room who proceeded to tweet my appearance with a little humor.

Les Christie of CNN/Money does a nice Madoff story on the US Marshall video of the property and invited me to provide some running commentary as I watched it. Fun!

Here’s the US Marshall video. It’s apparent that they want to get as much for the property as they can – no fire sale – so they can get funds to the swindled investors (a drop in the bucket).

All this activity before 10am this morning. I might need to go to the beach and relax this weekend…I know a house…

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