Back in the mid 1990s after my wife and I moved to Fairfield County, Connecticut from Manhattan, I noticed the decline in housing prices further from the first express stop in Stamford, CT.

I worked on an updated version of the concept for this weekend’s New York Times Real Estate section: What’s Your Commute Time Worth? They did an amazing job on the graphic.


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3 Responses to “The Relationship Between Commute Time and Housing Prices”

  1. Ema West says:

    Great infographic! Just goes to show people do value their time and are willing to pay for it.


  2. That’s a great job on the graphic I wonder what it would look like as a radius overlayed on a map. So often when people relocate they assume that all cities are similar and they are not!

  3. PART Realty says:

    The relationship between commute time and housing price is fascinating and breaking it down even further to price per minute spent commuting is eye-opening. Thanks for sharing!