We just released our Brooklyn Market Overview today and here’s a one-take short recap on the findings.

To get a copy of the reports, plus additional charts, info and data, go here.

[podcast format=”video” width=”300″ height=”18″]https://www.millersamuel.com/wp-content/uploads/oldimages/podcasts/2010.01.21-The-Housing-Helix-Podcast-4Q-09-Brooklyn-Market-Overview.m4a[/podcast]

2 Responses to “[Special Report] Brooklyn Market Overview 4Q 2009”

  1. John Reinhardt says:

    Great job on dissecting the Brooklyn real estate marketplace. I think that your report is one of the first to truly explain the nuances that are happening in the local Brooklyn market. I can respect and appreciate the effort made in distinguishing between the different areas and the different types of homes. These distinctions make the information more valuable to the consumer.

    • Jonathan Miller says:

      Thanks John – coming from a Brooklyn real estate maven like you, that means a lot!