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Of Real Estate And Bonuses: Plenty Of Time For The Checks To Clear

Bonus Timing Summary

Source: Under The Counter

Our long admired Under The Counter put together the [The Master Chart [UTC]](http://www.underthecounter.net/archives/2005/12/bonus_timing_ro_1.html) on bonuses by firm with help from [Here Is The City](http://news.hereisthecity.com/).

We usually read about the percent increase of the average bonus over the prior year in a press release from the New York State Comptroller but could only guess when they are paid out. Finally, we can get a sense of the bonus timing instead of generalizations.

The concensus seems to be:

Of course, the act of physically receiving the check seems to be an afterthought. The driver of the first of the year frenzy seems to be the availability of new listings, not whether the check is in the bank.