Amy Zimmer wrote about the latest [attempt to break the record for riding the entire New York City subway system continuously [Metro]](

[The 25 hours, 11 minute record was sent in 1998 [Time for Kids]](,17585,90039,00.html) by Michael Falsetta and his friend Salvatore Babones. Michael is a senior executive at our commercial firm, [Miller Cicero, LLC.](

>Falsetta, an executive at a real estate firm, remembers drinking just one liter of water and eating three Power Bars. Babones, a sociology professor at the University of Pittsburgh, said, “We took 10 minutes off and missed a transfer at Jamaica station so that we could use the restrooms there.”

>Babones doubted their record would be broken, but his partner said they “would come out of retirement and issue a challenge” if their record fell.

I love the convenience of the NYC subway system – I use it nearly every business day. However, I don’t know if I love it enough to ride for 24 hours straight.

UPDATE: [Two Adventurers, One Subway System, and a Challenge to Break a Riding Record [NYT]]([Two Commuters Try To Break Record For Traveling Entire Subway [NY1]](

UPDATE 2: [The Rise and Fall of the Amateur New York Subway Riding Committee [Gricer]]([Subway Challenge on MySpace]([Buddies go after subway riding mark [Newsday]](,0,3030823.story?coll=ny-nycnews-headlines)[Subway Record Attempt [Fox5]](

UPDATE 3: [Straphangers Break Record For Fastest Subway System Record [NY1]](

If the mass transit thing doesn’t work out, these guys are destined to be in public relations. They got a lot of coverage.