Its time for a break from real estate for a few days. Wishing everyone the best for the holidays. We’ll be back on Tuesday, a few pounds heavier (with commentary on the real estate market.)

Source: NYT

“Newport aquarium is usually host to all manner of fish species, including sharks. Each Christmas for the past three years visitors have been able to see [Santa scubadiving in the aquarium with the sharks [NYT]](

Calvin Freeman, age 4, has a question for Scuba Santa. “Do you only have nice sharks in there?” Calvin asks, pointing to a toothy, 270-pound tiger shark swishing past Santa’s underwater sleigh. “Because some sharks chew people’s legs off. They’re bad sharks.”
“Ho-ho-ho!” Scuba Santa laughs, then sucks a low, bubbly breath of air from his tank. “Ooh, yes, these are all very nice sharks!””