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Nathan Pyle’s NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette Book Now Available!

SMALL_COVER_d [1] My friend Nathan Pyle has penned a book: NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette [2] that should be required reading, well at least required viewing for:

You get what I mean. This book is clearly for everyone.


You can check it on on his Facebook [4] page or actually buy it on Amazon [2].

He’s come a long way from making selfie-videos of his basketball dunking prowess. I’ve long been a fan of his art [5]. Nathan combines nice Midwestern sensibilities (he’s from Ohio) with street smarts, artistic talent and a dab of humor.

In fact Nathan’s only shortcoming is his siding with the “GIF” (Graphics Interchange Format) pronunciation camp while I am squarely in the “Sounds like “Jif” as in the peanut butter AND confirmed by the inventor of the “GIF” camp who said, and I quote [6]:

“It’s pronounced JIF, not GIF.”

And the word is getting out [7], in newspapers [8], an AMA on Reddit [9] on radio/podcast [10], etc.

Here are a few samples, I plan to revisit his artwork over the next few weeks. The book even provides instructions on where to eat pizza on a busy sidewalk!!! C’mon people, the value add for that alone is worth well above the very modest price [2]! Here are a few samples…