[Haute Living](http://www.hauteliving.com), a magazine that covers the luxury lifestyle, has gotten a lot of attention in New York over the past year. When originally launched, it covered the Florida market but eventually expanded to New York because the connection between New York and Florida made sense. The magazine is currently evolving into an alternating New York and Florida monthly edition.

Publisher Seth Semilof began contacting me about a year ago, asking me to write a column. He wanted an analytical perspective of the the luxury real estate market. Although I am not part of the _Jet Set_, have any real estate dynasty or blue blood in my heritage, nor do I smoke fine cigars (allergic), play polo, have three homes in different states, nor do I grasp where the small fork is supposed to go in the place setting, I do enjoy dissecting values in the residential property market.

[Close call: a distant relative of mine did invent _instant mashed potatoes_, but no fortune found its way to me.]

Seth’s determination impressed me, so I opted to write a column on the luxury market. Its going to appear every other month in the New York edition and I call it _Buy The Numbers_.

Here’s my first attempt at the _Buy The Numbers_ column, (using a big fork on the mashed potatoes) called: [Luxury Defined by a Bundle of Amenities](https://millersamuel.com/articles/gallery-view.php?ViewNode=1161521113UFQjY&Record=0&Offset=0).

[Read the October _Buy The Numbers_ column [Miller Samuel]](https://millersamuel.com/articles/gallery-view.php?ViewNode=1161521113UFQjY&Record=0&Offset=0)

[Read October issue of Haute Living New York [Digital Version]](http://www.hautelivingny-digital.com/hautelivingny/200609/?pg=1&pm=2&u1=friend)