_Getting Graphic is a semi-sort-of-irregular collection of our favorite BIG real estate-related chart(s)._

This week, there are a series of charts found in Northern Trust’s US Economic & Interest Rate Outlook: [We Agree With Fed Staff- Six More Quarters of Below-Potential Growth [pdf]](http://www.northerntrust.com/popups/popup.html?http://web-xp2a-pws.ntrs.com/content//media/attachment/data/econ_research/0609/document/us0906.pdf)

The [Federal Open Market Committe](http://www.federalreserve.gov/FOMC/) [minutes from the August 8 meeting](http://www.federalreserve.gov/FOMC/minutes/20060808.htm) indicated that from the current quarter through the end of 2007, the committee believes that economic growth will be less than its potential. Northern Trust anticipates a rate cut by the FOMC in December will be needed keep the economy from slipping into recession. This will have the affect of tempering the downward slide housing market with lower mortgage rates.

Here’s a sample of charts that relate to the housing market prices.

The following charts indicate how important the housing market is to the economy as represented by its relationship to gdp, personal income and equity withdrawal: