An appraiser who didn’t “play ball” has been relegated to songwriting. Hat tip to Lauren Baier Kim of the Developments blog at the Wall Street Journal.

And while it didn’t happen often, a lender would sometimes ask him to say what he thought a home’s value was before he appraised it, Mr. Girtsman says. The implication: If the value didn’t match what the lender wanted, he wouldn’t get the job. Mr. Girtsman says that he resisted.

It’s a light hearted approach to a sad situation for many.

One Response to “[Boom] Appraiser Sings For Change”

  1. Ryan Ward says:

    As long as appraisers actually see contracts, this will be a problem. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever that an appraiser needs a contract to do his jpob – unless of course his job is based on the contract sales price. Since the appraiser is the one who is supposed to interject objectivity, it seems to me to be a serious conflict of interest for them to know what a contract price is for a home.