Ok, here’s kind of a fun interview that was posted today on Who’s Who In America. Are you kidding? It’s about me. I read my interview to confirm if it was actually about me. It was. So read it.

Here’s the synopsis as I presented it:

  • I lost my faith in humanity caused by a morally flexible business environment
  • Then I saw it coming
  • But I warned everyone
  • Yet no one listened
  • So I decided to keep toiling
  • Because I believed in my appraisal expertise
  • Made easy because I love what I am doing
  • And finally the sky fell
  • Suddenly people were looking for honesty in a sea of doom and gloom
  • My faith in humanity was restored

The typical rags to riches (in theory) ethical appraiser story you read about every day.


’nuff said.

4 Responses to “What’s What, Where’s Where, Who’s Who in America”

  1. Jose says:

    I enjoyed reading this interview. The inherent problems in the appraisal and lender relationship were intelligently presented with no jumping and shouting. We can only hope equally intelligent and pragmatic minds will listen and change course. Your business strategy to move away from the lending environment to private work at the height of the lending boom should speak volumes on many levels as well. Providing a window on your business philosophy and approach was also a clear reminder to appraisers that remaining intent on doing the right thing and saying “no” to lender’s demands (and speaking up against such practices), are still important. Especially as we move forward.

    Thanks again for being the one to provide these important insights Jonathan.

  2. Edd Gillespie says:

    Thanks Jonathan for giving us insight on the virtue of character. Anyone know how Jonathan’s character can be replicated, packaged and implanted in other appraisal professionals? Turning one’s back on the expedient course and taking the higher and usually rougher road of doing the right thing has lost its value in our country and yet surprisingly, as your last blog subject recognized, we can’t operate our economy without trust. Can the country, and by extension the appraisal profession, operate without the predators who violate essential trust? Whether it can or not may be impossible to predict. I’m new to thinking that it will not.

  3. شات says:

    Thanks Jonathan for giving us insight on the virtue of character

  4. The spin stops with you, Jonathan. Thanks for being the voice of reason midst the din of delusion.