I really enjoyed my interview over at Yahoo! Finance this week discussing the release of the Elliman Report: Manhattan Sales 1Q 2016. Love their longer interview format.

Note the “two comma” reference taken from the HBO show Silicon Valley:

Miller also rejects the thesis that Manhattan’s two-comma real estate prices were being fueled solely by foreign money and are now jeopardized by global uncertainty and a stronger dollar versus emerging market currencies.

Additional insights on the report shared on the recent edition of Housing Notes. Sign up here.

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2 Responses to “[Video] Providing the right context for Manhattan and Miami housing markets”

  1. George Bradie says:

    Jonathan Miller, I watched your video and thought it was very well done and eye-opening for a small town agent like me.

    I am an Agent in Ottawa, Canada with an average home price just under $400,000!

    And you’re talking about condos in Florida selling for $50 Million and more. Then you tell me that the Sweet Spot in New York is anything under $5 Million, where they will sell quick.

    A condo at that price in Ottawa will sit for a long….long…time!

    It’s like a different world.


    • Jonathan Miller says:

      Thx George,

      Ha! I did apologize for being cavalier about throwing around the high numbers. Thx for checking in. 😉