Noelle Knox of USA Today does her series segment this week on the [Manhattan housing market this week based on my second quarter stats]( and some mid 3rd quarter anecdotes. She also mentions a 10.1% one month drop in the number of sales and how quiet the market is, except on the high end. Sales activity is not at the pace we have grown accustomed to, etc.

My firm is publishing our 3rd quarter stats tomorrow. It promises to be interesting.

Bismark, North Dakota is next on her list. …Ok, need to remind myself again… Pierre is the capital of South Dakota. Got it!

2 Responses to “USA Today Manhattan Segment”

  1. Dave Platter says:

    Those of us down under are looking forward to seeing you next Manhattan market report!

  2. I have also noticed on that prices in upstate New York also seem to be dropping. That had been a market that had been strong since 9/11…with all the city folks getting out of Manhattan.