Trulia’s got a broker alternative to blogging called Trulia Voices. It a merger of the power of social media an specific housing locations.

Last week, a question was posted:

If President Barack Obama could change or fix anything about housing what would it be?

My answer has been the highest rated response so far. C’mon, don’t you feel the need to vote for my answer, or even fake it and vote for mine anyway?

Actually, there is a wide variety of interesting suggestions worthy of reading.

4 Responses to “[Trulia Voices] What does Obama need to do to fix housing?”

  1. Edd Gillespie says:

    OK I didn’t vote, for you or anybody else. Too many free marketeers over there. I think the free market sounds great, but so does communist economics in theory. So Obama must lead to inspire trust and give it time? Be a little more specific Jonathan. I’ll give you the time factor, but the rest of your solution begs a question. How does he or any body else inspire trust in a system that nurtures rip-offs, liars and greed?

  2. Rob Hahn says:

    Apparently, Edd Gillespie is not aware of the fact that quite unlike community economics, the free market doesn’t just sound great, it has great results to show for it.

    It’s frightening that so many ‘educated’ adults in the U.S. have such a thin grasp on fundamentals of economics and how the free market actually works.


  3. Edd Gillespie says:

    Oh god! I’ve exposed my stupidity once more. You’re right Rob, nothing happened, for no reason at all and nothing should change. Baloney. Let me ask, why is it that so many proponents of one or another version of a “free market” economy can’t discuss it with dissing me? Is it I who inspire this or the theory of a “free market?” Maybe one has to agree to earn respect. The “free market” that means “look the other way” just resulted in a mess. And all I hear from the free market folks is that it was the government meddling that brought this to us. Bull. Show me a market where the predators are paralyzed by their own greed and I’ll vote for it. Until then we need a lot of government oversight to protect the country from economic terrorists and a place to put them that is as isolated as Guantanamo.

  4. it will be intresting to watch what happens. I think with the current strategy there will never be a market bottom. It will only get worse, because banks are setting the prices. On top of that we are subsidizing their loses