My assistant is a beekeeper so I have been especially attuned to the strange disappearance of more than 1/3 and perhaps as much as half the US bee population over the past year. For reasons unknown, the bees are flying away from their hives and not coming back.

There was a very good New York Times article by John Lelnad this weekend called Floridian Is the One to Call When Bees Move In that linked the Florida foreclosure problem and vacant housing with bee hives. As properties sit idle, bees take over, but the property owners, if one can be found, are reluctant to pay for their removal.

Foreclosed houses around the country have been colonized by squatters, collegiate revelers, methamphetamine cooks, stray dogs, rats and other uninvited guests. Mr. Councell, 35, only has eyes for bees.

I find it interesting how the bees represent a second occupant of an reo property and they are not able to remain either.

Make sure you watch the video embedded in the story.

One Response to “[REO Sting] Honey, A Foreclosure Bee”

  1. Carrie says:

    Another fascinating twist on a sad time!