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[Press Call] Steve Berkowitz CEO, Sue Stewart SVP, Move, Inc. Realtor.com, Move.com, MortgageMatch.com


In a first for this podcast series, I have included a press call on a new product release.  While I participate in media calls fairly regularly for my Matrix [2] blog, I have never recorded one.

I spoke with Steve Berkowitz, CEO [3] of Move [4], Inc., a publicly traded company, that counts Realtor.com [5] and Move.com [4] as two of their assets, on the launch of MortgageMatch.com [6] today.  It’s a new web site designed to help home buyers and those looking to refinance, find and prequalify for a mortgage in as little as 10 minutes.  Sue Stewart, SVP [7] who is overseeing MortgageMatch.com [8], provided the details of the services the site provides.

I’ve often said that the terms of the transaction (including financing) are as critical as pricing in today’s tight credit environment.  They say they are focused on improving transparency in the real estate transaction and are also helping consumers and realtors to be more efficient by better defining expectations.

Press Release [9] [pdf]

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