I wrote about the Madoff Montauk, Long Island home in my previous post, but something else was said that is worthy of a new post.

The phrase understated elegance is common real estate brokerspeak used by some real estate agents…not US Marshals.

>”Every room is situated so that you have a left to right, 180 degree angle of the Atlantic Ocean,” said Roland Ubaldo, supervisory deputy US Marshal, who conducted a video tour of the property for the press last week. “It’s a panoramic view. You’re talking about guest bedrooms, master bedrooms, foyer, you name it, [all of them] have a view of the Atlantic Ocean; it really is breathtaking.”

And for the closing pitch…

> “There’s an understated elegance, I believe, in this whole residence,” said Marshal Ubaldo. “It’s simple, stylish, but it is understated.”

Could you ever imagine a US Marshal uttering those words while showing a house (carrying a weapon, I assume)? My temples pulsate every time I think of it.

But it is clear that they mean business – and intend to sell for market value so the defrauded investors get back as much as they can (admittedly nominal).


  1. Kevin Tomlinson September 4, 2009 at 12:31 am

    I read that too. I thought it odd. Everyone wants to play real estate agent.

  2. Tom September 5, 2009 at 4:28 pm

    The interior of the home was tacky, for a man who had billions of dollars. But the view must be impressive.

  3. Edd Gillespie September 6, 2009 at 10:47 pm

    It almost works on me. I like it and I didn’t even watch the video yet.
    Kind of gets me going, but then I’m reminded I’m not a resident in the world of elegance, especially that of understated elegance.
    This may be a skill I covet or at least could admire if I wasn’t so often witness to how much it is abused to entice.
    In the end it really is spin because spin has been tolerated and is now required to get our attention.
    Just a goofy gimmick that kicks the Madoff saga up a notch.
    Lipstick on a pig, but who, other than a dysfunctional wannabe, would bargain for ostentatious, Ponzied, lavish, selfish indulgence confiscated from the estate of an economic terrorist?

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