From a borrower to a mortgage broker, who didn’t realize the appraisal firm was cc’d in their email regarding a complex residential assignment.

$800 is not going to happen, find another appraiser , [there] are hundreds dying to make $400

Apparently the environment for appraiser pressure is alive and well.

3 Responses to “[Over Coffee] Morning Quote From The Home Front”

  1. But Jonathan, will it appraise 😉 Howard

  2. [Over Coffee] Morning Quote From The Home Front | About Mortgage says:

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  3. Edd Gillespie says:

    Hang in there guys. This will get better ae the ranks of cheaper/faster appraisers with little or no skin in the game dwindle and the lenders get stuck with some more junk and then need a bail out.

    The mortgage folk make money only on closed loans, not on quality appraisals and are therefore not teachable about what a good appraisal is or why it is of benefit.

    I do admire those of you who keep trying to do quality work for impatient Scrouges even though I have decided not to do mortgage work.