The New York Times asked me to share research and reports I come across (excluding my own) that may help inform readers on the topic of Housing. There are many other topics to choose from. I also recommend “Wall Street“.

Their endeavor is essentially a blog-like repository that contains housing related articles written by New York Times journalists, mixed in with brief posts from myself and a few other contributors. (All that long hand writing in 8th grade using a red ball point pen is finally paying off.)

It was just launched and I like the concept. And best of all, I get a byline link on the site.

Here’s my handywork for the week (links take you to a brief post):

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  1. Edd C Gillespie says:

    Seems that that there may be more than one opinion about accountability on Wall Street: There is a suggestion in the article that the Street may favor different strokes for different folks or at least different circumstances. Seems the Street isn’t talking other than complaining about the audits.