It’s hard to comprehend we launched our residential appraisal and consulting practice 28 years ago TODAY. It was before…

  • appraiser licensing.
  • co-ops were public record.
  • real market reports.
  • Bryant Park was safe to walk through during the day.
  • graffiti was removed from the subway system.
  • Derek Jeter joined the Yankees.
  • McDonalds in Manhattan were commonplace.
  • $10k per square foot.

Billions in valuations later…it’s still fun.

Tomorrow we get working on year 29.


5 Responses to “Miller Samuel Turns 28”

  1. Dave Towne says:

    Congrats! And one more ! for good measure.

  2. Congratulations on the Anniversary. Coincidentally, my company will reach year #28 on October 29th.

  3. Jason Melando says:

    Congrats Jonathan!! Here is to many more!!

  4. Congratulations Mr. Miller! May Miller Samuel have another 28 years of prosperity and more!