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Love Thy Neighbor (and/or Broker)

Well it finally happened. Thanks to Brokerate [1], a new site by the creator of Brownstoner [2], there is finally a way to rate real estate brokers. Its kinda the same concept as providing a comment to a blog post with each broker representing a separate post.

It is a real community effort because it relies on mainly anonymous submissions and are they ever intense. Within every community there are those who use this as a tool to “get even.” From the buzz within the real estate community, I get the impression it will be heavily trafficked by real estate brokers who seek to provide first-hand experiences of their interaction with a particular broker.

While I suspect the amount of flames will be significant, I suspect that this will evolved into a significant tool for consumers looking for a real estate broker as well as a monitoring tool that uses peer pressure to keep morally flexible brokers on their best behavior.

Truly a neat concept.