Ok, not really.

A lot is being made of McCain’s lack of recall about the number of properties he owns, 8?, 10? It’s kind of humorous. Here’s a few that pile on.

* Politico
* Huntington Post
* The Atlantic

Not to sound like an apologist, but I suspect there are many investors out there who couldn’t give you an accurate, off the cuff, answer either. It’s really trivial trivia (if there is such a thing). McCain doesn’t say, “Gee, I really want to boost my number of houses from 10 to 11.”

In my book, you get a pass after owning three houses. At that point, you’re entitled to be oblivious.


  1. jim of Blueprint for Financial Prosperity August 22, 2008 at 8:23 am

    Plus when you hold political office, there are so many chances to your financial plans with the creation of blind trusts and other financial instruments it’s often quite confusing. While I’m still undecided, I think this focus on stupid things (memory, Obama’s pastor, etc) is a waste of our time and insulting to our intelligence.

  2. JB in NYC August 22, 2008 at 2:30 pm

    I too, was initially inclined to disregard McCain’s statement after first hearing about it, but not actually hearing it. The correct response would have been to say something about owning several/many investment properties that are constantly being purchased and sold for income purposes.

    Upon acually hearing McCain hesitate, stammer and otherwise lose his tongue immediately after being asked the question though, it is quite clear he’s been coached to strenuously avoid turning his wife’s wealth into a campaign issue. The RNC quickly tried to snuff the topic out by trotting out McCain’s POW imprisonment in Hanoi more than 35 years ago as if it were an appropriate, relevant response to a question asking how many houses do you and your wife own. “Senator McCain is a war hero! How dare you question his patriotism!”

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