Silver linings ran amok this week – so I put ’em in the treads to get the tank off the beach.

  • [Real estate spin gets exported to Central America: Former strongman and new president Daniel Ortega apparently is good for Nicaraguan real estate [Coldwell Banker]](
  • [Rates versus Prices [BW]](
  • [No knockout blow yet in fight over Fed outlook [MW]](
  • [A Season of Lofty Expectations [NYT Dealbook]](
  • [Liar’s Loans (No Doc Mortgages) [WaPo]](
  • [2/3’s of Economists Say the Worst of Bust Is Over in WSJ survey [REJ]](
  • [Freaking out about WSJ’s survey, a broker’s perspective [Realty Times]](
  • [Conventional loan limits won’t change if prices decline [Calculated Risk]](
  • [4 Things to Serve When a Central Bank Chief Drops By for Breakfast [NYT Norris Blog]](
  • [Black Friday Becomes Cyber Monday [NRF]](


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