Well this weekend was pretty decent:

* made a huge, as in a nearly illegally dangerously huge bowl of chocolate pudding for the kids.
* spent time walking outside near the Sound
* watched CSPAN’s coverage of the auto industry bailout hearing
* took an online appraisal course
* watched OK, BC, MSU, OSU Jets, Giants
* upgraded to the 2.2 iPhone software
* downloaded Chinese Democracy
* was quoted for an A1 (page one) New York Times article (my 8th NYT front page story but who’s counting?) and another NYT story but not this one.
* saw the photo shoot/panel discussion in the New York Magazine article – not sure if being labeled as “number 2” has some sort of subliminal meaning

Not much accomplished if measured in productivity, yet it was still a good weekend (even though my kids didn’t like the chocolate pudding).

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  1. cheryl November 24, 2008 at 12:25 pm

    Try cake next time! Bravo for all the media coverage!!!

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