I was reading [The Real Estate](http://therealestate.observer.com/) and got a chuckle over the [The Virtual Mogul](http://therealestate.observer.com/2006/02/the-virtual-mogul.html) post about Atari’s new game Tycoon City: New York, where players will get the chance to carve their own empires out of the Big Apple from humble origins. (Well thats not reality since many New York developers are second and third generation).

Donald Trump seems to have the dominated board and video real estate games with his titles [Donald Trump’s Real Estate Tycoon](http://www.gamespot.com/mobile/strategy/donaldtrumpsrealet/index.html) and [Trump – The Game](http://boardgames.about.com/b/a/063454.htm), both of which get pretty good reviews.

A couple of questions come to mind:

  • Do developers actually play real estate video games? (no way)
  • Has the recent housing boom transcended all age levels that kids would give up Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Madden NFL 2006? (no way)
  • Does Atari think that kids or teens will play real estate games or do they expect adults to? (no clue)

Wouldn’t Atari sell more copies if they re-named their new game:

The Real Estate Developer Wars: Assemble The Most Key Parcels Of Land With The Most [FAR](http://www.pwolfe.com/blueline/bl_zoning_corner_dec02.cfm)! ?


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