How would you like to be buried upside down in someone’s backyard?

In Anna Bahney’s article [The Tricks of the Trade in Coping With Slower Sales [NYT]]( real estate brokers are now being more creative in marketing property as buyers and sellers adapt to the slower pace of sales. At the end of the day, properties are selling, just not at the brisk pace seen earlier in the year.

My grandmother had used a St. Joseph statue to sell her house, not sure where she got it but apparently [there is a whole cottage industry behind the concept. [Catholic Company]]( A number of years ago she convinced many of her friends to use it with great success I was told.

[Here are some instructions for proper use [Bankrate].](

When I went to sell my home, she gave me a statue but I could not bring myself to use it. …of course my home sold slower than expected. 😉