For each week’s Eye on Real Estate Show on WOR NewsTalk Radio 710, we include a segment called “The BlogCast” where I discuss several housing related (sometimes a stretch) posts from some of my favorite blogs. They cover topics that are current, funny or simply a “must read”.

Saturday’s BlogCast covered the following blog posts:

[Ezra Klein/WaPo] On jobs, watch the trend A lot of us have the tendency to look at each new month as a wholly separate slice of data and celebrate if it looks good and fret if it looks bad…So far this year, we have averaged about 100,000 new jobs each month with that rising to nearly 140,000 over the past three months. That is what many of us had expected when we talked about modest to moderate job growth this year.” In other words, “the trend is your friend.”

[Extraordinary Observations] Where the Smart People Live It’s becoming increasingly accepted that there is real economic value to bringing a lot of smart and entrepreneurial people together in the same place…The theory that there is economic value to having smart people together rests on the assumption that smart people collaborate with each other. Conclusion: smarter people live in areas with higher cost housing – but it sounds dumb, no?

[Curbed] New Identities Pitched for Troublesome Hudson Square Manhattan is famous for Manhattan neighborhood acronyms. SOHO, NOHO, TRIBECA, NOMAD, FIDI and MEPA How do you solve a problem like West Soho? Or is it the Lower West Side? Or Hudson Square? Whichever neighborhood name you choose, one thing’s clear: None are catchy enough to stick in the minds of tourists. Suggestions include North of the Holland Tunnel: “NoHoTu” and my favorite suggestion was Holland Tunnel Approach: “HoTunA”.

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