Here’s a clip of the Connecticut to New York leg of Rudy and Joe’s Sellsius powered Blog Tour USA on July 2nd.

Its a clever way to spend the summer in an RV, driving across America. I remain insanely jealous of their adventure. As my kids would say, its pretty random which is a big part of why its so cool. Not only that, but they have the opportunity to speak at length to their colleagues at each stop – all of which represent the best real estate bloggers out there. However, I’d love to get a report from Joe and Rudy to get an understanding on whether or not they are at each other’s throats being in such close quarters together all month. Somehow I remain optomistic that all is well.

Here’s the map of their adventure.

One Response to “Blog Tour USA Takes Matrix To Work”

  1. Adrian Torres says:

    The Matrix on the Blog Tour, how avant-garde, even for the already avant-garde. Very cool.