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The Word – Honor Bound
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Straight from the Colbert report – about halfway through the clip in his “The Word” segment, Colbert refers to Roger Lowenstein’s NYT piece in favor of abandoning your mortgage obligations and sources pundits about sending the wrong message to your family. Of course banks placed a lot of faith in your word to pay – your honor – so much so that they gave you a free toaster and they…

…bundled your honor with other people’s honor, with other people’s honor, cutting those honors with securitized honor derivatives, etc. But that doesn’t mean that banks are responsible. Only we are?

This insane honor logic is worth listening too since its basically what happened.

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  1. Kate DuBois January 21, 2010 at 6:34 am

    Thanks for posting this. I love Steven Colbert and missed this piece, but did catch another inflamed media commentary on NYT’s tip to walk from your mortgage if you couldn’t pay. If homebuyers and agents would just follow the 10 Commandments of Real Estate Investing written by N. Xavier Arnold in The Best Real Estate Investing Method…Ever!, life would be so much better.

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