[Karl- Heinz Schabmüller M.B.A., a real estate broker in Paris, France regularly writes articles and market reports about the city’s
housing market based on market figures released by the Paris Notary Chamber. I have not met Mr. Schabmüller, but have traded emails since he is a fan of Matrix]

The recap of the current results and Mr. Schabmüller’s interpretation are found below:

Paris, France real estate market – 3rd quarter 2006

_In its press conference of 17 January 2007, the Notary Chamber has released official data about the Paris real estate market during the 3rd quarter 2006._

* The average square meter price in Paris now stands at 5 675 €/ USD 7,380.62

* According to the report, the sale’s volume shrank by 3.3% in comparison to the 3rd quarter 2005. Altogether 9,888 old and unoccupied apartments were sold in the city, the average square meter price increased by 9.9% and stands at 5 675 €/ USD 7,380.62.

* Once again, the 6th arrondissement (Saint Germain- des- Prés) in the very heart of the city remains the most expensive (8 527€/m² – USD/ m² 11,089.8). It is now followed by the 4th (southern Marais and the “Saint Louis island” – 7 708 €/m² – USD/m² 10,024.6) and the 7th (“Eiffel tower”, “Invalides”,”musée d’Orsay” – 7 633 €/m² – USD/ m² 9,927.10).
The least expensive are the 19th arrondissement (4 498 €/m² – USD/m² 5849.87) and the 20th (4 720€/m² – USD/m² 6,138.60), which are both located in the north- east of the city.

* Apart from the notary’s official data, however, I want to point out that square meter prices for a property in fairly good quality in the centre range between 7,000€/ USD 9,103.85 and 10,000€/ USD 13,005.5, prestigious real estate is higher.
(exchange rate amounts are not guaranteed)

I assume that his 2006 recap on [Paris real estate market](http://www.khs.fr/index2.cfm) will be available in April 2007.

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