[For the fourth month in a row, the Advisors Confidence Index (ACI) showed an improved outlook.]({56F7F35A-95B9-405C-B3D1-1E150748B197}&siteid=mktw) The ACI provides a measurement of the US economy and the stock markets. The Advisor Confidence Index is based on a survey of 150 independent registered investment advisors.

The quotes from the advisors provide interesting insight. They touched on the main factors that will provide the most impact on the direction of the markets and the economy: Oil & Housing. The next 6-months appear to look better than the following 6-months.

[However, this conflicts with consumers perceptions of the state of the economy.]( [The University of Michigan Consumer Confidence Index fell sharply in August](, further than analysts projections, the second drop in the past two months.

Apparently investor advisors are more optomistic about the future than consumers are.


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