This week I was lucky to interview Ellen Harnick, Senior Policy Counsel, the Center for Responsible Lending. She has testified in front of Congress on more than one occasion regarding lending and consumer issues.

Ellen and I have spoken at length on prior occasions about US lending practices. I find her to be someone who can listen to my experiences – the insanity that appraisers are faced with – and understand the ramifications (plus not get frazzled by my incessant interruptions). She provides a great perspective from the consumer side and is passionate and knowledgeable about the subject matter.

Check out this week’s podcast.

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One Response to “[The Housing Helix Podcast] Ellen Harnick, Center for Responsible Lending”

  1. Edd Gillespie says:

    Most excellent. So now I know why the banks could care less about cleaning up the mess. What is pod, other than something to hold peas? I’m not kidding. I assume you have to have a pod in order to listen to a pod-cast. I thought those things were like I-pods that hold endless music of your choice. I didn’t think I needed one, but now that Jonathan is doing something of relevance with one maybe I need to find out what they are.