Cendant Real Estate Services Announces New Company Name: Realogy Corporation [RISMedia]

We coined a new word for our new company [Realogy]. Realogy results from the fusion of “real estate” and “-logy,” the suffix meaning “the science or study of.” The company’s new logo includes a stylized “A,” representing the company’s position as the investor’s doorway to the real estate sector.

There’s a lot of name changing going on in real estate [Inman] these days. Perhaps its part of the New Year’s resolution process, changes occur as companies reorganize after the new year. Realogy seems too cute for a big real estate conglomerate, doesn’t it? Perhaps I just need to get used to it.

Here are two others:

Guy Kawasaki’s Blog calls this The Name Game and provides guidance to companies who re-name their company or product. Realogy doesn’t seem to follow his advice. He mentions this hysterical Salon.com post from a few years ago also called the name game.

Here’s a great post on how they named companies [day2day activities]. My favorites are: Apple, eBay, Mozilla Foundation, Nike, Pepsi, Sprint, Volvo and Yahoo!

So whats in a name? Apparently a lot.