The idea of a having a larger apartment than the one you reside in is the dream of many in urban markets. Whether or not they have children or are planning to have children in the future, there is a premium on more space. That additional bedroom for guests, an extra room for an office, larger living areas, or more storage capacity are driving those who wish to trade up.

I wrote an article [Miller Samuel] on the concept of family-sized in the current issue of New York Living magazine which I periodically write articles for. [another shameless plug -ed]

Making bigger apartments is not just about adding square footage and adding on another bedroom or bath.

Here’s an excerpt:

A new real estate term entered the cluttered landscape of real estate speak in the new millennium: family-sized apartments. To me, that means family-style dining: casual, shared, roomy. However, in prior incarnations of making larger apartments, developers simply added additional bedrooms and bathrooms to an apartment but did not change the sizes of the living areas such as the kitchen, living and dining rooms…


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