Says American Dialect Society, voting the word Subprime as its 2007 Word of the Year.

80 members spent 2 days debating this word over the stiff competition of:

  • Facebook
  • green
  • Googleganger
  • waterboarding

As for “subprime,” Glowka [their spokesman] said it is an odd word — at least as far as linguists are concerned.

The prefix “sub” translates roughly to “below the standard,” while “prime” means something close to “the best.”

So, according to Glowka, the word really means “far below the best.”

“People were saying that students were referring to their tests, ‘I’m going to subprime this; I’m going to mess it up,'” he said.

Last year the word of the year was pluto. Yeah, I’d say we are on a different planet this year.


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  1. joe palumbo says:

    That piece of meat looks good. My guess is that it is filet?