Its been a year since I ventured into the world of podcasting. I ended up with 76 podcasts (not including this one) totaling 1.4 days of audio and 1.17 gigs of mp3 files, fraught with audio and hardware challenges, Skype, a new laptop, multiple types of microphones (usb, xlr, lavalier), mixers, cables, scheduling, web site issues, WordPress plug-ins, Amazon S3 and bandwidth made this a year to remember (for me anyway).

Thanks so much for listening!

The idea was to bring the real estate conversation into long form, something I wasn’t able to find anywhere else.  I’ve always loved content you could listen to while commuting that wasn’t sound bite driven and shallow.

For original subscribers, periodic and new listeners, I hope you’ve enjoyed it! I certainly have enjoyed bringing it to you.

In 2010 I plan to deliver more content, more timely uploads (2x per week), off site interviews and a wider interview base, I still need your feedback and suggestions.  I was thinking regular days ie Mondays, Thursdays with special reports interspersed.

While I don’t really have a master plan (despite wide spread rumors of my intentions of global domination) other than this being a fun, entertaining and informative endeavor, I feel strongly that it will lead to other things.  It may already have!  More on that later this year.

Again, thanks for listening and spread the word!

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