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[Speaking] 2014 RAC / TRN Conference in Frisco/Dallas Texas

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I just returned from an incredibly helpful and fun annual appraisal conference in Texas [2]. I was asked to make a presentation and ended up joining their board of directors. I’ve been a member of RAC (Relocation Appraisers & Consultants) for about 20 years and even though the organization started out with a primary emphasis on relocation appraisals in the early 1990s, RAC is so much more than that [3]. Most of the members provide expertise in complex residential with a lot of work in litigation support. The quality of the residential appraisers in this organization is the best in the country – bar none. Most of the mainstream US appraisal trade groups emphasize or have a majority concentration of commercial appraisals and RAC fills the void.

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Having fun filming a video with clients
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