Phil Crawford of Voice of Appraisal asked me to cover for him while he took a well-earned vacation. While I don’t have his sweet, syrupy smooth radio voice, I can grow on you a little bit if you listen long enough. I talk appraisal war stories and appraisal business philosophy. Fun!

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6 Responses to “Podcast: Guest hosting ‘Voice of Appraisal’ – Week of August 7, 2017”

  1. James Scholl says:

    Jonathan, regarding your appraisals for attorneys; in our markets BPOs have made serious inroads. Aren’t you seeing that in NYC?

    • Jonathan Miller says:

      No we aren’t seeing that. I’ve heard this point raised by someone else as well. In NYC for example, brokers aren’t able to be experts in divorce matters because they have a potential conflict in receiving a commission. Our market is full of dirty data and we don’t have a traditional MLS so there really isn’t a cost savings anyway.

  2. James Scholl says:

    Jonathan, amazing, I thought our largest city would a have sophisticated MLS. How do you find comps and vet the particulars?

    • Jonathan Miller says:

      We are in the 1950s, real estate-wise. In the last 5-7 years, Streeteasy became ubiquitous which is owned by Zillow. The data reliability is hit or miss but it’s something that we never had in the past. Public record is raw and provided on the NYC web site. Each sale only has about 4-5 fields: price, address, closing date and sometimes total rooms and square footage with lots of errors. So we do a lot of detective work!

  3. Thanks for sharing these great learning Jonathan, learned a lot. Keep up the good work 🙂