From an economic recap article in the New York Times this morning U.S. Economic Contraction Slowed in Quarter:

“The most severe part of the decline is behind us,” said Joshua Shapiro, chief United States economist at MFR, an economic consulting firm. “But it’s hard to say how sustainable whatever bounce we might see will be. It depends largely on whether the consumer has the genuine ability to spend, or if it’s all just government cheese being handed out.”

I am always wondering: who moves my cheese?

4 Responses to “[Over Coffee] Morning Quote: Government Cheese”

  1. Apella says:

    Jonathan & Matrix, I have followed you as of the early Soapbox days in 2005. Maybe even earlier via appraisalbuzz and other sources and I truly remember the good fight. I can remember how happy I was to see an appraiser standing up and saying something. I supported you then and am an avid fan still. I am happy to see how far you have come. I post your presents in the media when possible as you are serving a great task of “raising awareness” to the general public and consumer for the appraiser and the appraisal industry. In many ways you inspired me to take on the mindset that the public needs to know more about appraisers and our industry. For that I would like to thank you.

    I am happy to see your blog the Matrix turn 4 years old and I commend you for your hard work, great content and traffic. Thank you as an appraiser peer in giving our industry exposure.

    While I was sad to see Soapbox be discontinued I understood and paid a small tribute to its ending in a post of my own and yet I am also very happy to see you doing your new project that gives voice to the many that are in the behind the curtain functions in the real estate industries… again raising awareness to the consumer of our businesses.

    I wish you all the best for the Matrix and your new Pod Cast Program. I will remain a regular viewer and now listener too. Please keep up the great work.

  2. Edd Gillespie says:

    I am also impressed with the methods Jonathan uses in delivering his messages. He couples the message with valuable, timely and accurate information and nothing he does sends the message that appraising can be faster or cheaper or to dumbed down so it fits in a Fannie form check box. He sends a clear message to the appraisal industry as to what a diligent and ethical appraiser actually does. Thanks Jonathan. I don’t know if there is a cart and horse in this mess, but the way you address the problems it really doesn’t matter ’cause you’re hitting home runs. You’re a standout leader in the appraisal profession at a critical time. As a profession, we’ve been sort of lost for way too long. We may still be wandering in the desert for all I know, but I’ll follow your example. Thanks for sharing and for constant inspiration.