Way back in September 2006, I was the 11th host of the Carnival of Real Estate. It is managed by Drew Meyers over at Zillow Blog, who has tirelessly kept it running.

I sort of lost interest last year and was re-connected by Property Grunt, whose take no prisoners, ’cause it ain’t going to be a PC post, was host a few weeks ago.

When Drew asked me to host it for week 82 beginning St. Patrick’s Day, how could I refuse? I have Irish heritage traced back to the mid-1800’s, The original Matrix movie inspires the color green, my youngest son and I are rabid NY Jets fans (Gang Green) and “Green” is the color du jour for real estate development these days.

Here’s an excerpt from my quote in the Newsweek article on green buildings this week:

>The true monetary value of green is in dispute: Real-estate appraisers are still not certain how much, if any, value LEED certification adds to the long-term value of a property. “It’s entering into our calculus right now,” says Jonathan Miller, president and CEO of Miller Samuel real-estate appraisers in New York City. Builders are going green in an effort to make their projects stand out at a time when the housing market is slowing down and builders need a competitive edge. Miller does see ecofriendly buildings as a long-term trend. Not having the term “green” in your marketing materials, he says, has become a negative, so he expects it to eventually become the standard.

No “green” requirement for your posts but hey, it’s environmentally PC.

If inspired, please submit your posts by Sunday night.