Just when you thought you had your summer reading under control (I have a slew of books next to my bed that blogging seems to keep me from reading), the Appraisal Institute updates it’s mainstay publication:

The Appraisal of Real Estate, Thirteenth Edition

While the book is a text-book, it’s actually a pretty good read and an invaluable resource during my appraisal career. Here’s a summary.

In fact, it is probably an even better read than my recent books: Bad Astronomy, The Aspirin Wars and American Nerd: The Story of my People.

Ok, I admit it, I am dull and boring.


One Response to “[Lucky 13] The Appraisal Institute Updates The Bible”

  1. Soapbox | Appraisal Ethics, Ideas and Industry Issues says:

    […] The Appraisal of Real Estate, thirteenth edition, has recently been issued (so says Jonathan Miller in Soapbox) but I’m still working from the twelfth edition and I have no plans to buy the new one. The index in my book does not include a reference to “teardown”. I am genuinely curious as to whether or not the thirteenth edition does. Consider this a plea to those of you who have the new book. Does the word teardown appear in the index, or doesn’t it? In my opinion it absolutely belongs there. What no longer belongs there is the word “improvement”, or any derivation thereof. […]