Here’s a container of links that didn’t ship.

  • [Innovative architects turn used shipping containers into homes [SFGate]](
  • [‘Undervalued’ Town Lacks Buyers; Economists Fail to Predict Prices [REJ]](
  • [The Millionaire down the Street Was Right, But Now What’s in Store for Real Estate? [Wharton]](
  • [Should real estate brokerage markets be regulated by the government to make them more competitive? [Economists View]](
  • [Sellers are liars [Inman]](
  • [Will we see a half-point rate hike? []](
  • [Softer data probably wouldn’t matter [MW]](
  • [Cities are hot again [CNN/Money]](
  • [Even foreclosure hawks hurt by sagging real estate market [Mercury News]](

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