Since this week is all about stats, impressions and spin, here are a few shot from the turret of The Tank.

  • [100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall [PIMCO]](
  • [A Rudolph House Gets Brutal Treatment [The Architect’s Newspaper]](
  • [Why Penis Will Make This a Most-Read Story [Michael Lewis – Bloomberg]](
  • [Long Island Housing Costs Skyrocket []](
  • [Stricter Standards Sought for Lenders, Brokers [WaPo]](
  • [Remember normal? [LA Times]](,1,3958659.story)
  • [How Jobless Rates Forecast the Super Bowl [Norris Blog-NYT]](
  • [NAR’s David Lereah: His Own Words on Housing [Big Picture]](
  • [As the rich get richer, the livin’ gets easier [Lloyd-SF Chron]](
  • [HouseMath 2.0](


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