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[Interview] Jonathan D. Miller, Miller Ryan LLC, Author, Emerging Trends in Real Estate


I got to interview my namesake, Jonathan Miller [2]who is the longtime author of the seminal publication Emerging Trends in Real Estate [3], the Urban Land Institute [4]’s (ULI) annual commercial real estate industry forecast and speaks extensively on suburban and urban issues.

Our real estate lives have intersected for years.  For example, I would get complimented for a presentation at the Waldorf Hotel (although he gave the speech) while he would get inquiries about the NYC co-op condo market (which I track).

He is the co-founder of Miller Ryan LLC [5], a firm that provides strategic marketing communications counsel to the financial services and real estate industries.  He also writes over at GlobeSt.com on his Trend Czar [6] blog.

https://www.millersamuel.com/wp-content/uploads/oldimages/podcasts/2010.12.23-The-Housing-Helix-Podcast-Jonathan-D.-Miller-Miller-Ryan-LLC-Author-Emerging-Trends-in-Real-Estate.mp3 [7]